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About Us

Hydroponic is a word derived from Latin. It translates to working water, describing the process effectively. Standard hydroponics involves growing plants in mediums other than soil. In the many set-ups, the roots of plants are suspended in water that's rich in nutrients. This method is the nutrient film technique (NFT). However, this is merely one of several ways in which we can cultivate plants without soil. You can use many other techniques to obtain the desired results.


Hydroponics offers all kinds of advantages, making it a very practical choice for growers across the planet. The best benefit is you have complete control over the environment the plants in. As a result you don't have to worry about the likes of inadequate sunlight, pests, unfitting weather conditions or numerous other concerns related to standard growing. You can provide every plant with the ideal mix of nutrients. So, you'll receive stronger growth and outstanding yields.

Reliable supplies

Gardens2Grow are hard at work supplying top tier hydroponics growing mediums, nutrients, and other products. We are an established team with a good reputation. Our experience with the hydroponics industry extends beyond our time as a business. In addition, we do whatever we can to supply clients from all over the country. We offer the most competitive prices, the most sophisticated equipment, and largest selection of choice.

You can save time buy ordering from us. We have everything that you need to begin building your own personal system. In addition we have products for enhancing or expanding an existing one. This includes complete kits, lighting systems, trays, pots, nutrients and more. Something we're especially proud of is the fact that we provide the most diverse assortment of nutrients in the UK. Many of them are exclusive to us as well.

If you're not sure about which technique is best for you, what sort of nutrients would suit your plants, or the type of equipment you should purchase, we'd be more than happy to help point you in the right direction. Gardens2Grow team members are passionate about horticulture and hydroponics. They shall notify you about anything pertaining to starting or amplifying your apparatus.

You're welcome to contact us and discover more about what we have to give. Regardless of whether yours is a large or small-scale endeavour, we have everything you'll need to succeed.

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