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One of the most alluring things about hydroponics is that they permit you to have utter control over the growing environment. With a proper combination of nutrients, heat, and light, you have the perfect conditions for healthy, strong, and successful plants. Gardens2Grow have the means to supply you with everything necessary to manage temperatures, light volumes, as well as every other vital element that contributes towards healthy development. All of this comes alongside the widest selection of nutrients in the country.

Our products


It's essential that your plants receive the correct nutrients for them to flourish, regardless of the system you're using. We have an impressive collection available, many of which are acclaimed and exclusively offered by us. From growth-boosting additives to bacterial products, we have everything required to create the ideal environment. It doesn't matter what type of plants you are growing. We can make recommendations for you if you're not certain about which nutrients to use.

Trays and pots

Containers are also an integral part of the process, as you need a place to put your plants. We have a multitude of pots, saucers, barrels, trays and more to make the model home for them.

Growth mediums

Water isn't necessarily a critical part of the hydroponics operation. If there's another medium you would prefer to go with, we have some alternatives. This includes pebbles, vermiculite, clay, perlite, and many others.

Disease prevention

With a hydroponics network, it's considerably easier for you to safeguard your plants from the likes of pests and diseases. We have an array of specialist products designed specifically to keep plants safe from fungus and mildew. In addition there are a number of first-rate organic pesticides.


You shall need to expose your plants to sufficient amounts of light. Fortunately, we have the gear needed for you to mimic the ideal natural light conditions. Using our timers, lighting kits, timers, and bulbs, you can raise flora in most environments, no matter how much natural light is available.

Humidity and temperature control

Most plants grow well at temperatures of around 20 to 28°C. They also require a stable and sustained temperature without too many variations. Our humidifiers, coolers, fans, and heaters enable you to supply your plant life with appropriate levels of moisture and the right temperatures. Additionally, you won't have to concern yourself with hostile weather conditions.

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